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Your Personal Chef

Step into the culinary world of Chef Wimbo, the visionary behind 'Wimbo's Your Personal Chef'. After dedicating two decades to honorable service in the Navy, Chef Wimbo seamlessly transitioned his discipline and commitment to the art of cooking. Central to his vision is the bond of family, with his children playing pivotal roles in the evolving tapestry of the business. As a standout black-owned establishment in Virginia Beach, Chef Wimbo curates a range of experiences: from a renowned food truck and dynamic concession stand, to personalized chef services gracing both intimate local gatherings and star-studded affairs. Having earned the spotlight on local news food segments and popular podcasts – both audio and video – Chef Wimbo's brand is a beacon of authenticity and culinary excellence.


A Dream That has

Been Cooking for Years

A dream that's been simmering on the back burner for years, Chef Wimbo's journey is a savory blend of passion, experience, and dedication. Each dish he creates is not just a meal, but a chapter from a long-cherished dream, carefully crafted and seasoned with his unique culinary flair. It's a dream that's been cooking for years, now ready to be savored in every bite.


Explore the diverse culinary world of Chef Wimbo, where every service is a gateway to gastronomic delight. From the roaming aromas of 'Cups Up' food truck to the seasonal charm of 'Cups Up Express' concession stand, each offers a unique taste of Chef Wimbo’s kitchen. Elevate your dining experience with our bespoke Private Chef Services, perfect for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations. Don't forget to visit our Shop, where you can take a piece of Chef Wimbo’s culinary artistry home with our exclusive clothing line and signature food sauces. Each service and product is a testament to Chef Wimbo's dedication to culinary excellence and innovation.

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Based in Virginia Beach, VA


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