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Chef Wimbo

     Chef Wimbo was born and raised in Albany, NY by a single and well respected mother. It was not easy for his mother because she had to provide for 4 young men.     

     By observing his mother in the kitchen he began to mimic and admire her passion. Not just for what she was doing to provide for her family, but what great wonders she did in the kitchen.
     Chef Wimbo joined the United States Navy right out of high school. While finding his way, he experimented with several different careers. But none seemed to “bring him back or close to home like being in the kitchen”.  So Chef decided to follow his passion.

     He graduated from Culinary Institute of Virginia in 2012 with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Science. Now as a Certified Culinarian with the American Culinary Federation, Chef wants to bring fine dining home to you. 
     Chef Wimbo received an outstanding amount of experience at Croc's Bistro. With his spectacular drive and passion for food, Chef was the 2015 Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc Tidewater Top Chef Culinary Extravaganaz and 2013 March of Dimes Best Dessert Winner. Chef decided to expand his love and talent by bringing them to your kitchen. 

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